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Canker Sores Linked to Rise in Gluten Intolerance

- Tuesday, July 08, 2014 | Comments (0)

Debacterol®, a 100-year-old medication distributed online by FocusedRx, is making a resurgence. In seconds, it eliminates pain and starts to heal canker sores which may be caused by gluten intolerance and celiac disease.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 08, 2014

As more patients are diagnosed as gluten intolerant, Debacterol®, a little known but very effective prescription treatment for chronic canker sores, is seeing resurgence among dentists and patients alike. While the proliferation of “gluten-free” food may seem like the latest dieting fad, severe gluten intolerance, also known as celiac disease, is a real, potentially life-threatening syndrome affecting 1 in 100 people, and is on the rise, according to the Mayo Clinic (July 2010). Signs and symptoms of celiac disease can include diarrhea, weight loss, headaches, joint pain, and dental issues, such as painful canker sores or mouth ulcers.

Developed at the turn of the 20th century, Debacterol® works by cauterizing the canker sore, completely eliminating the pain and speeding healing with one 5- to 10-second treatment. Patients can easily apply the solution at home through a pre-filled cotton swab. FocusedRx, a California company, now provides a distribution channel for both patients with a prescription and professionals in the United States to order Debacterol® online. Until now, due to limited brick-and-mortar pharmaceutical distribution, Debacterol® was nearly impossible to obtain outside of the dental office, requiring a costly and time-consuming dental visit to obtain relief.

1 in 5 people – nearly 63 million Americans - will suffer a canker sore, or mouth ulcer, at least once in their lifetime. Many cases are easily treated with over-the-counter or at home remedies. Complex canker sores, or recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) are estimated to affect over 4 million Americans, and there is no cure. This type of ulcer is thought to be caused by autoimmune deficiencies, including HIV, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease and Behçet’s disease, as well as celiac disease. Patients suffering from one of these disorders can experience multiple canker sores at a time, making eating, drinking, and talking extremely painful for up to 14 days. In severe cases, this may lead to malnutrition. Complex ulcers generally do not respond well to drugstore remedies, so a stronger treatment is required.

Debacterol® users and prescribers have enthusiastically embraced the product. One California dentist stated, “The pain relief is immediate and the speed with which the lesions heal is amazing. After one treatment, the results are described as a 'miracle' by my patients.” And a patient in Wisconsin wrote that “Debacterol® is a product I simply cannot do without with these chronic canker sores…it is a product that gives me my life back when I am in so much pain.” It is also mentioned on the Mayo Clinic Website as a preferred product to help cure canker sores and mouth ulcers.

Prescriptions for Debacterol® are filled through Central Pharmacy in Santa Monica, CA in quantities of 1, 3, or 12 treatments, giving the patients the peace of mind that comes with having Debacterol® on hand when they need it most. Consumers can purchase the treatment for as little as $10 per application by visiting

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