What is Debacterol®?

Debacterol® is a topical treatment that provides instant, lasting relief from the pain and discomfort of canker sores.

Generally, only a single 5-second treatment with Debacterol®  is required.  Afterward, lesions are sealed and protected, allowing them to heal over the next few days without pain.

Debacterol® contains sulfonated phenolics and sulfuric acid, which are believed to act as tissue denaturants.  Infected tissue and bacteria are dehydrated which may help put an end to the process that maintains sores, sometimes for weeks.

Debacterol® is actually an old treatment option for canker sores and has been used safely in the United States for close to 80 years. It is a distillate of boiled creosote and is manufactured using the same formula that its founder developed at the turn of the century.

Each single use swab contains the active ingredient, a dark brown liquid that naturally smells like smoke.