How to Order Debacterol®

Debacterol® does require a prescription.

If you don't have a prescriber, click here to be referred to Direct Dermatology, an online clinic who can write a Debacterol® prescription if appropriate. 

 FocusedRx provides three convenient ways to process your prescription:

We can send a prescription request for Debacterol® to your Provider on your behalf.  Just complete a simple prescription request form and our pharmacy partner will call or fax your prescriber directly.  

Bring this to your next doctor’s visit or forward to your provider.  They can fax this form directly or use it as a template to fax a script from their pad. 

Your Provider can fax a written script from their pad or CALL a prescription to: 

Phone: 310-395-3294
Toll Free: 855-246-1066
Fax: 866-314-4845