Success Stories

Over the years EPIEN Medical Inc. has heard from many people who have found Debacterol® so helpful that they reached out to share their experience. These testimonials speak for themselves.

Read more testimonials from satisfied customers. *Please note, results may vary from person to person.




*I'm a sufferer of severe recurring canker sores, a condition which has repeatedly and continually affected my life. Most people don't understand the amount of pain and the effects canker sores can have on a person. From the inability to speak or laugh without tear-inducing pain to repeatedly choosing to forgo flossing and brushing your teeth just to avoid the agony. It affects your relationships and your overall oral health. Couple that with a high frequency of outbreaks and it can be devastating. Since discovering your product, I no longer anxiously await the next episode. I know that as soon as I feel a canker sore I can use Debacterol to eliminate the pain and prevent it from getting worse. I can then immediately go back to normal life - no pain, no problem. Thank you so very, very much. Your work has improved the lives of many people, and will hopefully continue to improve the lives of many more. * Sincerely,

- Brad

*Your product "debacterol" is the most effective treatment for canker sores ever made! I had my first treatment yesterday at the dentist's office and within seconds the debilitating pain I was suffering from was gone. *

- Dan K

*I have suffered with canker sores for the last 30 years. They have gotten more frequent because 10 years ago i was diagnosed with a liver disease called PBC. I started taking Methotrexate three years ago and that drug causes canker sores. About a year ago i was at the dentist office and had a sore he put some Debacterol on it and it virtually stopped all the pain and the sore seem to go away with a day or two. Thank you it is so nice to finally have a product that stops the pain and discomfort from canker sores.*

- Donna D.

*I suffer from canker sores.   I have tried everything over the counter and some prescribed medicines as well.  It wasn't until I got braces that my orthodonist introduced me to Debacterol.  With the braces my canker sores got worse but Debacterol on them made pain go away instantly as well as improving the healing process.*

- Elisa S.

*I wanted to write to tell you that I used your Debacterol product for the first time yesterday. I get cancer sores a few times per year and they are usually extremely painful and they last a full 7-10 days before they even start to diminish. The pain is so bad that it is hard to eat and talk sometimes and these sores really effect my life when I have them. I had a particularly bad one lately that I suffered with for about a week, then I found out about your product, got a prescription and used it. Within 10 seconds, the pain was completely and permanently gone and only a day later, the sore is well on it's way to healing. Debacterol is incredible. I want to thank you for producing this product because it is going to literally change my life for the better.*

- John J.