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Anonymous commented 
*Debacterol is the best treatment I've found for canker sores!*
Lisa commented 
*Debacterol is the only canker sore "medicine" that works for me. Not only does it take the pain away within 10/15 minutes of application, it helps clear them up without the pain of the canker sore.*
Sue commented 
*Debacterol definitely works on my canker sores. It's the best thing I've found to heal them.*
Parker commented 
*Debacterol has changed my life. As a lifelong sufferer of Sutton's disease, this has been my only remedy.*
Andy commented 
*It's quite amazing!*
Arya Boudaie commented 
*I've been getting Canker sores for several years now, and that stupid numbing gel you get over the counter was never strong enough to actually make the sores stop hurting. I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but getting canker sores would be so painful as to not let me talk, eat, or even breathe normally, especially with multiple in my mouth. My dentists never gave me a better solution than those gels though, until my friend's dad recommended I try debacterol. It worked better than anything I've ever tried before, stopping the pain in no time at all. The only annoying part is having to get a prescription, but I hope that more dentists learn about debacterol so that more people can have the instant relief that they deserve.*
Dr. James Duffin commented 
*I'm a dentist who has been treating canker sores with Debacterol for over twenty years. It is the most effective medication that I have found.*
Michele commented 
*I've suffered from canker sores on and off for much of my life but post menopause I seem to be getting them with much more regularity and they have been incredibly painful, often making talking and eating incredibly uncomfortable. Debacterol is like a miracle - and I'm loathe to use language like that, but one application and the sore is immediately painless and heals within a few days. I wish I had discovered this years ago.* I also wish it were more widely available. So few people seem to know about it and, even on the web, it is somewhat obscure. Why doesn't the local pharmacy carry it??
Seth commented 
*After suffering canker sores for many years and trying every over the counter product and homeopathic remedy, I discovered Debacterol. After reading the reviews and all information, I consulted my doctor and was prescribed the medication. One application and after the few seconds of stinging, all pain was gone and the sore was closing. I have experienced canker sores unlike many have to the point I suffered two sores at the same time that were so deep, they reached my veins within the lips causing massive bursts of blood. It took many weeks for those to heal and multiple eruptions. But with this medication, that is a concern I no longer have to live with. Any canker sore suffers out there, this medication is the best. Consult your physician and obtain this medication. It will save you weeks of agony and my experiences with canker sores have been extreme over the years. This is the best by far.*

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